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On THe Square

Song Lineup:

Music on the Square
Jonesborough, TN, Sept. 17, 2021

7 p.m.

  • 1960s New York City folksinger, two-time major label recording artist
  • 50-year Nashville studio session singer
  • 1999 Kerrville (TX) Folk Festival “New Folk” finalist
  • three-time CLIO Award finalist
  • 15-year advertising agency VP/creative director
  • 44-year jingle company head
  • author of 32 books
  • NFL historian
  • former contributing editor, 4th largest weekly magazine in North America 

wm Alan  Ross


Song                           Artist/Album
Autumn Time
Red Corduroy               Children of Rain – Revisited
                                   Ross Legacy 
Santa Ana Wind           Pam & Alan Ross – Visions
Arizona Highways   Alan Ross, Scott Jarrett, Garrett Randolph – S P A C E
                                   wm Alan Ross – Poet Warrior
Rappin’ Eef                  wm Alan Ross – Poet Warrior
Mockingbird Sing          wm Alan Ross – Little by Little
Election Mill Junction Rd. Blues      Children of Rain – Revisited
Old Romantic                wm Alan Ross – Scorpius Risin’
Fogs of August              wm Alan Ross – Fogs of August
Bell Rock Light              wm Alan Ross – Scottish Influence
Bobby Hop                    wm Alan Ross – Little by Little 
Jingle: TP
Got So Ugly
McNairy County Lawman   Pam & Alan Ross - Countryside (coming 2022)
Little By Little                wm Alan Ross – Little by Little 
Golden Acre, Goodnight  wm Alan Ross – Poet Warrior